This conceptual audio work addresses Illawarra women’s visual artistic contributions on the theme for International Women’s Day 2017
Be Bold for Change.

Sue Bessell invited 21 local women artists to contribute to a group exhibition at Project Contemporary Artspace, Keira Street, Wollongong, Australia, on the theme of Be Bold for Change.   As a an audio artist, I have sought to raise consciousness of the ephemeral intangible nature of sound, while seeking to encourage women artists everywhere to be conscious of using their artwork to voice their feminist awareness.


My contribution lives entirely in the conceptual world, there is no particular audio for you to engage with here, except for the internal dialogue in your head about the place of art as political statement, and the boldness required of women to be exhibiting artists making an explicit contribution to our culture.

The next step is to engage in conversation with and encourage women to speak out in their artwork about our gendered life experiences: to paint, sculpt, film, photograph, compose, record, and sketch their thoughts and responses,  and then be bold enough to exhibit their visual voices in public places both in real life and virtual spaces such as this website.