About Ceridwen

Ceridwen Suiter is the professional name I use for my composition, recording, and presentation of my computer music and audio art.

Ceridwen is the Welsh goddess, with magical abilities of transformation who shows great generosity of spirit.

Despite her great and justifiable rage at the man she trusted to stand guard on some of her work.

At the last moment, the man was apparently careless with one of her transformative potions, however Ceridwen showed great forbearance and self-control. His ‘accident’ destroyed the utility of the potion, but gave the man new possibilities for his own advancement.

As he ran away out of her domain, Ceridwen was so speedy and powerful in her own transformational abilities, that despite his new abilities, she was able to catch him securely. Ceridwen could well have followed through on her feelings and put an end to his life.

Instead, Ceridwen’s life-enhancing ethics stood firm. She had already demonstrated her superior mental agility and magical powers to bring him to this situation of powerless vulnerability. This in itself was enough warning against further misdeeds.

The miscreant took the hint by travelling to a distant country, where he charmed the king and became his (not always successful) war strategist… thereby continuing to show his true nature.

Ceridwen is still revered for her powers, and comes in many guises suggested by the many spellings of her original name. The name Wendy was allegedly invented in the 19th century. It is highly plausible that JM Barrie, following his ancient predecessor, simply transformed the power of her ancient name into this modern version to enhance his own advancement, and also minimised Ceridwen’s all-knowing all-seeing life-giving power into the hapless mother figure for the eternal mischief boy Peter Pan.

There is much to admire in Ceridwen’s character and mental abilities. Her magical prowess and shape-shifting completely symbolises and epitomises life working in the intangible digital domains of sampling and audio processing.

Indeed the purpose of these transformations is to create music which reflects on contemporary social issues, stimulates discussions about ethics and personal values, and encourages each of us to work with integrity and respect for diversity.